Restoring His manifest Presence

As we seek to restore His manifest Presence in the Body of Christ there are three important aspects of our faith that we need to address.

Reconnecting Our History

If a branch is cut off from a tree it will wither and die. If we become disconnected from the story of God’s plan in the Old Testament and the roots of our faith then we cannot expect to see His fullness at work in us and through us. We endeavour to see the Body reconnected to its biblical roots and rediscover the richness of its history in God.

Working in Harmony

Does your body try to be in unity, having all parts doing the same thing to achieve the same goal? Or does your body work in harmony, all parts doing their best for a single outcome? This is an important distinction which will help to release the Body into its full purpose in the Messiah.

Reclaiming the Land

In Genesis we see creation being put into the hands of God’s people with the command to subdue it and fill it. In the Fall the authority God gave to His people was handed over to the one who tricked them and they chose to listen to. The rest of history is about restoring relationship and seeing God’s people reclaim what He gave them in the beginning.

Our Focus

Our focus is to advance the Kingdom through restoration, reconnection and partnership, and ultimately into the victory He has already won. We want to see the manifest glory of God released in His people and through them to the whole earth.